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Providing Sisterlocks™ and Brotherlocks™ Exclusively

Maintenance Tips

Once you have made the investment in getting Sisterlocks, you will want to protect your investment. Sisterlocks are LOW maintenance, not NO maintenance. It is very important to the development of your newly formed Sisterlocks to get regular Retightenings. On average every 6 - 8 weeks is recommended in the beginning. Your hair texture, rate of growth and the care you give your new Sisterlocks will determine your maintenance schedule. Retightenings should take 2-4 hours on average. This may vary depending on the amount of new growth, repair work if needed and the size of your locks.

Why is Retightening so important?

Retightening assists in the development of uniform locks. It provides the opportunity for your Sisterlocks Consultant to monitor your development and make changes if necessary before the locks are completely settled in. It controls slippage better; the longer the hair is loose in the Sisterlocks, the longer it will take to lock. Your Sisterlocks Consultant can review your shampooing technique and advise if changes are necessary. For example, rough shampooing can disturb your locks creating lots of loose hair around the base. Your Sisterlocks Consultant may advise you to be more gentle and may ask you to demonstrate how you shampoo your locks. Your Sisterlocks Consultant may make suggestions on how to reduce disturbance. Lots of loose hair around the base of the locks can create a "fuzzy" appearance.

What could happen if you don't regularly maintain your Sisterlocks?

Bunching locks. An inconsistent appearance. Locks that develop more like traditional locks instead of the very unique Sisterlocks. The integrity of your Sisterlocks can be compromised and you could end up with locks that may break or shred due to spaces that may develop in the locks from infrequent Retightenings. Separating your locks after shampooing is very important as well. Regular Retightenings can see to it that locks remain separated.

A relationship with your Sisterlocks Consultant is very different from the one you may have had with your stylist when your hair was chemically treated. In the past, we would do whatever we wanted with our hair, go to the salon, sit in the chair, and the stylist had to make everything okay again. The relationship with your Sisterlocks Consultant is different. From the time you have your Sisterlocks installed, until they are completely settled in, your cooperation is mandatory. You have a responsibility to work with your Sisterlocks Consultant to achieve the results you desire - beautiful Sisterlocks. This means following your Sisterlocks Consultant's recommendations for regular Retightenings and periodic groomings.

How long is it necessary to get Retightenings?

Depending on the look you desire, always. However, you are able to learn how to do your own Retightenings through a Certified Training Associate. Some will find it exhilarating while others may choose never to maintain their own hair and only want to understand the process. Whichever category you fall into, remember, that the only way to achieve beautiful,uniform and healthy Sisterlocks, is through regular Retightenings and maintenance whether you do it yourself or have the maintenance performed by a Sisterlocks Consultant.

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