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Providing Sisterlocks™ and Brotherlocks™ Exclusively

My story began 12 years ago. Like so many of you, I was beyond exhausted of being a slave to my hair. I was tired of being in the salon for countless hours every Saturday and being shuffled from chair to chair. I was tired of not being able to get my hair wet (in the shower, in the pool, in the rain, in the gym). I was tired of wearing my scarf all the time. I was just plain old tired and not just of my hair at this point.

It isn't neccessary for me to go into every detail about the countless hair styles I went through because if it was out there, it was in my hair. I had been contemplating going natural for a long time but I had no clue on how to do so, especially being in Coporate America and the need to look professional at all times. I was clueless about natural hair and Boston was not overflowing with natural hair resources (things are changing). I also loved braids but I hated the process. I had "lock" envy but I was unsure about tradtional locks. My biggest dilemma with tradition locks was the unavoidable heaviness as they grew and possible hair breakage.

I started doing my research about natural hair dutifully. Of course, I came across the Sisterlocks website. It was too good to be true. I had never seen anyone with Sisterlocks in Boston or anywhere else. But I knew that Sisterlocks were for me. Just think, I could have the same styling flexibility and much more as I did with relaxed hair (this must be what heaven is like). By the way, if you haven't seen Chris Rock's "Good Hair" you should. It is a really great documentary about our hair and the crazy things we do to it. I researched Sisterlocks for about two years before I decided to commit, totally against my family wishes. Can you believe my own family had thought I had lost my mind because I wanted to go natural! Who truly were the crazy ones????

There are only so many pictures, blogs, and websites one can go on. You find your favorites and continue to dream about Sisterlocks. You save your pennies and count your blessings. But the time will come and you will just know that you are ready and nothing will be able to stop you.

I too was determined to get Sisterlocks. I called a Sisterlocks Consultant and left a message. I called another Sisterlocks Consultant and got no answer. I called yet another Sisterlocks Consultant who said she would call me back...but never did (I won't name any names). But finally I got in contact with a Sisterlocks Consultant who was ever so nice and full of knowledge. So please don't get frustrated if a Sisterlocks Consultant or Sisterlocks Trainee does not get right back to you...the right one will (don't take it personal, we are just busy).

I was finally able to schedule a Consultation Appointment and just my luck, I didn't have enough new growth. My Consultant advised me to get braids for a few months and I schdeuled my Installation Appointment in December 2006 (a few months out from my Consultation). Remember this is a process. Don't think that you will get an appointment and get your Sisterlocks the next day (lol).

December came so fast. I was too excited but indifferent about cutting my hair. My Sisterlocks Consultant "politely" advised me to do "THE BIG CHOP". Now as you all know, "THE BIG CHOP" is not necessary which is another great benefit of Sisterlocks. However, it was one of the best suggestions she could have given me in addition to taking the Sisterlocks Course.

After three years of hearing "take the course", I finally took the Sisterlocks Training Course and to my surprise, my sister took the course with me...hence Sista2Sista (S2S) was born. We took the Sisterlocks Training Course in Chicago, IL because we thought we could get a little fun in too. WRONG!!!! This course is so full of information and so well taught (thank you Master trainer Denise), that we were too tired after class to get our boogie on.

What better way to help my sisters than with the help from my sister. I love my Sissy. So here we are, nine years later and a head full of beautiful multi-colored Sisterlocks. I use to be right where you are......on the internet googling Sisterlocks, Sisterlocks pictures, Sisterlocks maintainence, Sisterlocks blogs, Sisterlocks hair styles, General Sisterlocks Questions, Natural Hair and Natural Hair Styles, Sisterlocks Consultants, Sisterlocks in Boston, Boston Sisterlocks, Boston Sisterlocks name it, I googled it. But I had to take the first it's your turn.