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What is the price of Sisterlocks?

Posted on 3 February, 2014 at 13:11 Comments comments (29)
A lot of people who are interested in Sisterlocks feel that they are way too expensive.  Are you one of those people?  That is rhetorical , don't answer that just continue to read.  This post is not meant to sway your oprion one way or another. I want to give you a different perspective on the cost of persepective as a person who has been locked for 7 years and now a Sisterlocks Consultant.
First I feel that Sisterlocks is just not another hair style but I think of it as an investment in myself.  One definiton of an investment is property or another possession acquired for future financial return or benefit.  The benefit of having Sisterlocks is invalauble when it comes to my time and money not to mention the health of my hair.  I just get up and go.  Free at last, free at last.
Secondly, I use to spend a great deal of money on braiding my hair...every three months maybe.  After a quick calculation, I estimated that I got my hair braided 4x a year $150-$200 including hair (I think) which cost me about $800.00 a year.
Not to mention the product.....let's say I spent $35 on product each month (shampoos, conditioners, oils, moisterizers, etc.).  That is an additional $420.00 a month.  So that brings me up to $1,225.00 a year on my hair.
This was just my braiding phase...what about the relaxed phase when I was in the salon every two weeks...yikes.  I am sure this price is doubled.  I never got into weaves but from what I understand, it is very expensive.
Now back to Sisterlocks....sure the initially payment can be a lot of money but again, it is an investment in yourself.  Not only will it save you time and money down the line but that healthy hair you have been striving for is now a true reality.
Take a moment to see if what you are doing now with your hair vs. what Sisterlocks can do for you and your hair in the future before saying it is too expensive.  You may very well be surprised.
Take care!